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The Directors of Kranspoort Vakansiedorp acknowledge and accept the scope and extent of their duties according to the MOI and business and strategic principles. They are entrusted to carry out their allotted duties in an honest, responsible, professional and ethical manner. As Directors, they are expected to act within the bounds of the authority conferred upon them to make informed decisions and execute policies in the best interests of Kranspoort Vakansiedorp. The Board of Directors, including the General Manager, adopted the following Code of Conduct and agree to follow the principles of care, accountability, loyalty, goodwill (Faith) and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Code of Conduct:

Board Members, including the General Manager, agree to:
•    Act in the best interests of and fulfil their fiduciary obligations to Kranspoort Vakansiedorp;
•    Act honestly, fairly, ethically and with integrity;
•    Accept accountability for the position held and the joint decisions made by the Board:
•    Accept professionalism as the norm for executing duties and in all communication:
•    Conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and respectful manner and not take improper advantage of their position;
•    Will deal fairly with all members of the MOI;
•    Comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;
•    Act in good faith, responsibly, with due care, competence and diligence, without allowing their independent judgment to be subordinated;
•    Not use Kranspoort Vakansiedorp property or position for personal gain;
•    Not use any information or opportunity received by them in their capacity as Directors or General Manager in a manner that would be detrimental to Kranspoort Vakansiedorp interests;
•    Act in a manner to enhance and maintain the reputation of Kranspoort Vakansiedorp;
•    Disclose any personal interest that they may have regarding any matters that may come before the Board and abstain from discussion, voting or otherwise influencing a decision on any matter in which the concerned Director has or may have an interest;
•    Abstain from discussion, voting or otherwise influencing a decision on any matters that may come before the Board in which they may have a conflict or potential conflict of interest;(Note)
•    Respect the confidentiality of information relating to the affairs of Kranspoort Vakansiedorp acquired in the course of their service as Directors or General Manager, except when authorized or legally required to disclose such information;
•    Not use confidential information acquired in the course of their service as Directors or general manager for their personal advantage or for the advantage of any other entity;
•    Help create and maintain a culture of high ethical standards and commitment to compliance;

Note: There may be situations in which a Director would be in breach of his duty of confidentiality to another entity were he to disclose a conflict of interest to the Board of Kranspoort Vakansiedorp. In such a situation it shall be sufficient for the Director concerned to abstain from any participation in the matter concerned, without disclosing the nature of the conflict.

Directors and General Managers will annually sign a confirmation that they have read, have complied with and will continue to comply with this Code.

Wynand Pretorius  Golf and Human Resources 083 2794272

Steve Janse van Rensburg Security, Occupational Health and Safety  084 5851690


Rudi Kruger - Vice-chairman, Technical Services and Special Projects 083325 6081


Johan Cross - Corporate Governance 083 7090227


Piet Valks - Chairman, Liaison Officer,
Public Relations, Communications
and Marketing 083 413 6381

Dawid VD Walt - Game and Environment



Dries Lategan – Finance 082 4525171 

Willem Bruwer - Assets                         082 5675013



Theo Hurter Levies and Membership Register 066 2863232