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General Kranspoortdorp

Kranspoort Building Rules

Date:- 31 May 2017 Revision no. 002

The rules hereunder must be read in conjunction with those set out in our “Management Rules” dated February 2015 numbered 7.6, the approved Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and all applicable National Building Regulations. Click her to download the Kranspoort Building Rules...

A total of 500 stands have been sold in the residential area, with various parks in between. Almost 300 houses are completed or nearly finished and approximately 100 persons reside at Kranspoort permanently. Several owners visit Kranspoort during weekends or holidays.

Kranspoort is managed by the Kranspoort Owners Committee (known as K.O.C.) as well as the central office. The owners enjoy the opportunity of living in a safe and natural environment. 

Kranspoort Management Rules

Download the management rules here.

Memorandum of Incorparation

Download the Memorandum of Incorporation here.