/ English

9 Holes

Hole 1

  ·PAR 4

A short par 4 opening hole, with a gentle dogleg left. An ideal tee shot is aimed at the right hand fairway bunker with a slight draw. This should leave players with a short iron/wedge approach to a medium sized green. Long hitters, be aware of the trees left of the fairway – too long or left a tee shot will end up behind the trees.

Hole 2

  ·PAR 3

This is a tough par 3 from the back tee. Players need to carry their mid to short irons over a bunker short left to a raised green, which is surrounded by pristine grassland and wetlands. A miss short and right of the green will find a small piece of fairway, with an open chip shot to the pin. Various tees will allow for some fun, as this hole could also play very short from the forward tees.

Hole 3

  ·PAR 4

This medium to long par 4, with a slight dogleg right demands a good drive. Stay left of the trouble to the right of the fairway, to have an open shot into the green. The approach need to be straight though – a bunker on the right and a drop off on the left of the green would make a 4 on this hole a good score on any day.

Hole 4

 ·PAR 4

A short par 4 played with the beautiful backdrop of the Kranspoort mountain range. Long hitters have an opportunity to drive the green, but don’t miss the green long. The alternative is to position a fairway wood or long iron between the fairway bunkers, and play a delicate approach to a wide but shallow green. A fun hole where birdies will be plentiful, but so will the bogeys.

Hole 5

  ·PAR 5

A long par 5, playing down the Loskop valley, with the …? river and Kranspoort dam running along the right of the hole. There is plenty of space on the tee shot, but from the landing area onwards the fairway narrows down, with the dam and wetlands on the right, and some beautiful bushveld on the left. Play your second shot to one of the wider areas on the fairway, which should allow an open third shot onto the green. Look out - hippo’s and crocodiles have been spotted here before…

Hole 6

   ·PAR 3

A short par three, with a small green guarded by trees on the right will test your wedge play. Don’t miss this green right or long though. Different pin placements will make the hole play slightly different each time, but there’s nothing wrong with going for the middle of the green each time.

Hole 7

·PAR 4

A medium par 4 with a slight dogleg left. Fairway bunkers guards the corner of the dogleg, and the temptation might be there for the long hitters to try and carry it. This would leave a short pitch onto the green, but beware of the rough on the left of the hole – you’ll need your shotgun and bush cutter to look for balls there! Percentage golf would be a tee shot short of the bunkers, leaving you a mid to short iron in to the large green, guarded by a bunker short left.

Hole 8

 ·PAR 3

A medium to long par 3 playing to a small green, set within a beautiful treed area, with stunning mountains and cliffs as backdrop. Any balls right of the green would probably find a watery grave in the dense river floodplain. A par on this hole is always a good score.

Hole 9

·PAR 5

A short to medium length par 5 with a very narrow fairway, carved out of the indigenous trees. The tee shot on this dogleg left hole is critical, as any strayed shots of the tee would probably end up in the jungle… The fairway opens up around the dogleg area, from where players would have a shot at the green, which is guarded by a big tree to the right, and a bunker to the left of the green. An accurate three-shot strategy might not feel as heroic, but would probably pay off in the long run, as any shot off target are sure to end up in the woods.