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Kranspoort Newsletter

Kranspoort Owners Committee Budget Letter 2020


  1. Wildlife letter - Click here to download
  2. Kranspoort's new fishing area by Kranspoort dam - Click here to download
  3.  Kranspoort Bulletin Edition 1 April 2020
  4. Kranspoort Bulletin Edition 1 Mei 2020
  5. Kranspoort Bulletin Edition July 2020 

New access arrangements/procedures

  1. Please be advised that we are currently in the process of installing a new access system for employees at the main access gate.
  2. Previous registration information is still available at the Kranspoort office.
  3. Please complete attached form and return to the Kranspoort office or email to kranspoort@ctecg.co.za
  4. If you are unable to hand it in yourself, please arrange with your employee/s to hand in the documentation at the office, inclusive of I.D/ Driving License/ Passport with a valid work permit to enable us to capture their fingerprints.
  5. Registration may be done from 3 July 2017 at Kranspoort Office 6). Any further arrangements or communication may be communicated to kranspoort@ctecg.ca.za or telephonically  on 013 262 8127

We apologise for any inconvenience