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Sport and Recreation

Some time during 2005 a group of friends decided around a braai fire that a jukskei club was needed in Kranspoort. The proposal found favour and in no time they established two courses at the old Pub and Grill. Marie Kruger, one of the founder members, still lives in Kranspoort. Over time the club expanded and it was decided to move it closer and to expand the terrain.

2006 - The founder members of the Kranspoort Jukskei Club.

2006 - a practise session at the old courses.

In 2011, with a great amount of sweat and sometimes blood, three new courses were built at the picnic area. Over the past two years members held pancake sales, open days and received donations in order to build a beautifully equipped club house with ablutions, floodlights, a braai area and a fourth course. Despite its small beginnings the locals can really claim to own one of the best jukskei courses in South Africa. Initially the club consisted of only social players who had to compete against league players at Middelburg. Club members annually in April took part in the senior citizens tournament at Kroonstad. Over time they also started testing their skills in winter programs at Tshipise or Die Eiland. Members have already won scores of medals and trophies. The club has almost 40 active members and they decided, despite the Covid 19 pandemic, to register as a fully fledged club with the Mpumalanga Jukskei Federation as well as  Jukskei SA. They have an impressive badge, colours and clothing. After the first round of league matches held in October the Kranspoort “oldies” are in the lead on the log table. You are doing us proud!

Hester Fourie “going for gold”!

Kransblaar Gym ladies hard at work

Most mornings just before 8:00 the Raasblaar Hall undergoes a metamorphosis. Cars pull up in front of the hall and ladies in colourful garb take their place in the hall, complete with their exercise mats and broad smiles. The music starts and the fun begins. Today is Pilates Day and they focus on core, stomach and leg exercises. They go through their strenuous exercise routine on a Tuesday and Thursday, under the watchful eye of Ansie van Rensburg.

There are also yoga classes where the participants focus on other sets of muscles that are often neglected. The participants also benefit through improved circulation and breathing. There is also the opportunity for people to do callanetics. It is a system of exercise involving frequent repetition of small muscular movements and squeezes, designed to improve muscle tone. 

Angling club

The angling club is the brainchild of the late Gerhard Potgieter. He and Hannes placed small crocodiles in the town’s dam. They had to clear an area for the crocs to “sunbathe”. At first no angling was allowed, but later Hannes was requested to develop an area of 200 metres to accommodate anglers. Kibboets built the braai. Auctions were held to help fund the development. Some of the money was also used to build a toilet nearby. Further developments were funded by membership fees. 

The dam holds several fish species such as carp, bass and barbel. At times hippo visit the dam. There are several bird species and also turtles to observe. This indeed is a little piece of heaven.