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Kranspoort Golf Course

In the vast, peaceful and incredibly beautiful Loskop Valley of the Mpumalanga Province, just East of the famous protected Loskop Dam, as you descend down through the Kranspoort Pass from the highlands into the breathtaking lowland bushveld, you will find Kranspoort - a stunningly unique South African golf estate situated only 2 hours drive to the east of Tshwane (Pretoria).

Kranspoort Golf estate offers a bit of everything for residents and visitors. It consists of 66 plots on the golf course on a planned "low density" luxury residental extension, along with a 9-hole Matkovich & Hayes designed Golf Course, all a great investment opportunity.

Golf Course Grading

The grading of the Kranspoort Golf Course was done on Tuesday 10th of March, by mr Maurice Meintjies and Eben van Wyk from Bankenveld.
(Number 1 & 3 on the photograph). 

Die ander gaste wat hulle vergesel het was Jose J da Santa Dinis, Adrian Reynolds en Duncan Cullen - almal spelers van Bankenveld wat die baan baie geniet het.

Subject: SAGA grading

From left to right:
1. Maurice  Meintjies
2. Jose J da Santa Dinis
Eben van Wyk
Adrian Reynolds
Duncan Cullen


Kranspoort Golfclub Championship 11-12 March 2017


On 11 and 12 March 2017, Kranspoort hosted, as all the other clubs in Mpumalanga did, their club championship for 36 holes


35 Members have participated during these 2 days.


Lukie Harmse was the overall winner as well as the winner of Section A, with a good grand total of 153.


Theo van Niekerk was the winner of Section B with 166.


The winner of Section A, as well as the ladies winner, was Hanlie Coetser with 70 IPS points.